Marketing Your Home

Marketing your property’s prestige address is a client-specific strategy designed to place your home in the hands of well-qualified buyers. The Karas Group implements marketing tactics to a highly select database of buyers with the wherewithal to purchase your home or estate.

The Karas Group marketing budget for its clients is an investment averaging ten times more than amounts commonly spent on high value property promotion.

Touch, talk, and technology are married into an effective strategy created for the listing you have entrusted to The Karas Group. Gathering a talented team of real estate promotion specialists, The Karas Group crafts promotional materials about your residence. Fine art photography captures your home’s setting and essence in color and light. Carefully selected images are creatively displayed in a color catalog revealing your home’s character and design to prospects.

Your residence is presented directly to prospects most interested in the lifestyle they will enjoy they select your address to be theirs. A professionally produced video leads prospects through your home and into the landscape of your outdoor environment. A skilled wordsmith scripts a description and puts the right words into the catalog influencing potential buyers’ foremost thoughts.

Promotion, advertising, and public relations are only one part of overall marketing mix. The Karas Group associates with world-renowned luxury brands, custom residence builders, luxury home industry leaders, and outstanding destination resorts. These associations are incorporated into the plan to reach prospects likely to buy your home.

The fundamental component of marketing your home is correctly pricing the property for current market conditions. The Karas Group invests the time into understanding your objectives and analyzing the competition for your potential buyers. Significant market study and research goes into setting the appropriate price point. This is an effort moving far beyond conventional market pricing practice.

Teamed with Sotheby’s International, the industry’s most prestigious luxury real estate brand, The Karas Group is able to present your property to an audience in the United States, Canada, and abroad. Offering incomparable property to the market requires an incomparably professional real estate team. The Karas Group would be pleased to be the team you select to present your home to the world.